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Treat your taste buds to a unique experience at Barbonzai! Our family-owned restaurant, established in 2016, offers two distinct locations with different menus to tantalize your taste buds. Come try us today and see why Barbonzai is a local favorite

Falafel, steak, tabbouleh, baba ghannouj

Costa Mesa

Introducing our exciting second location, now offering the perfect combination of our timeless falafel and chicken dishes, with an enticing addition of our mouthwatering steak! Here, you'll find an array of delectable options including pita wraps, bowls, and platters. While our bread oven couldn't make it to this location, fear not, as we have delightful new menu items in store just for you. Stop by and give us a try!

Halloumi, lebanese food, cheese, zaatar, chicken

Lake Forest

Discover our cherished original location, established in 2016, where you can enjoy our complete original menu. Indulge in the timeless appeal of our beloved chicken and falafel dishes, along with our savory kafta. Treat yourself to the satisfaction of freshly baked pita, delightful flatbreads, and the irresistible taste of our delicious halloumi cheese. Join us and see what the buzz is about!

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