#1 Eat Good, Feel Good

#2 Real Recipes, Genuine Ingredients

#3 Say Bye-a to the Fry-a


Barbonzai builds upon years of Lebanese heritage but adds a modern twist. We use our specialty oven to bake, rather than traditionally deep-fry, our uniquely flavored falafel.

Our crisp vegetables are freshly cut daily, combined with our

home-made dough and seasoned with eclectic spices & herbs.


Here at Barbonzai, every order is individually handcrafted to deliver a quick, tasty & novel Mediterranean experience.

Curious about Bonzo's Adventurous Past?

It is your lucky day!

In the section below, Bonzo has chronicled his great adventures that led him to become to most renowned Garbanzian to ever walk (or roll) this Earth.

Baby Bonzo spent his early years rolling around the Mediterranean farm-grounds like the young care-free garbanzo that he was. As the years past and maturity hit, he began to realize that he was not like the other Garbanzians.


His true passion lay with the discovery of new means to craft delicious foods. He dedicated countless hours of his time to various experiments and unfortunately, was not met with success. 


His peers, however, did not approve of his unconventional zeal.


The other Garbanzian chefs always shunned his ideas. "Why shouldn't we use the fryer?" "If people like their food soaked in boiling oils, why should we stop them?" "It has been this way for years, why would we change it?" "What alternatives do we have?" These questions were always asked of him. He never had the answers.

Try as they might, they could not demoralize his spirit nor quench his passion. Bonzo had long ago decided that wanted to revolutionize the cooking world.


 It was a dark starless night like any other. Bonzo was dutifully performing his nightly patrol when all of a sudden he stumbled upon an ancient looking artifact jutting out of the soil.

Curious as always, Bonzo began his examination of this odd object. It was strangely warm for this time of night. A moment later, the artifact began to glow and without warning, unleashed a blinding light so grossly incandescent that even Bonzo’s majestic eyes were unable to behold its splendor as he was knocked backwards.


As the light began to fade, Bonzo slowly rolled upright and tried to regain his composure. He was shaking. 'What is happening to me?' he thought to himself as a plethora of new thoughts flowed through his mind like a raging river.

After a time, he began to make his way back to the farm with a grin on his face and oddly ticklish upper lip.

He had the answers he was looking for. 


Upon his arrival back at the farm, his fellows gasped as they beheld him. Confused by their looks, Bonzo approached a basin of water and shared their reaction. What had once been a smooth face was now the foundation for a glorious mustache which  was groomed to perfection by unknown powers.


His fellow Garbanzians stared at him enviously but they could not ascertain his own feelings due to the majesty of his mustache. Bonzo was unreadable. His facial expressions indiscernible. Was he happy? Sad? Excited? They could not tell.

Despite his outward appearance, his Garbanzian body could barely contain his excitement.

Armed with his newfound knowledge and fabulous stache, Bonzo said his farewells and set out to live his dream.


“It was so simple! The key was so simple!”

Bonzo immediately began to shun the use of widely accepted commercial food preparation techniques, specifically those involving fryers and microwaves. Such methods would not suffice! He would refine the traditional methods to create his masterpieces.


Bonzo's patrons deserved something fresh, healthy and hand-crafted.

All he needed was simple, hand-picked ingredients and an open flame.

- FIN -

Barbonzai was founded to carry out this legendary Garbanzian's dreams. Bonzo lives vicariously through Barbonzai and we are honored to represent him, his ideals and of course his mustache.



24301 Muirlands Blvd. Suite S

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Monday - Saturday: 11 am - 8 pm

949 446 8322

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